Volunteers to the Hmong American Friendship Association are always welcomed. If you would like to become a volunteer, contact Connie Xiong at (414) 344-6575.


The Hmong American Friendship Association would like to thank all of the hard working volunteers that gave there strength and heart into helping us to further our mission.


Thank You Volunteers!


Aaron Bethke-Shoemaker

Ac Xiong

Adam Williquette

Ahong Xiong

Angel Vang

Ashley Barret

Ashley Torrence

Bethany Ly

Blong Khang

Calvin Vang

Cha Lee

Cheng Hang

Cheng Xiong

Chong Vang

Choua Vang

Choua Xiong

Chris Walker

Dion Farmer

Fue Vang

Heather Ly

Jay Xiong

John Paul Kiatoukaysy

John Vang

Jordin Ly

Julius Yang

Kabnoog Xiong

Kabntsig Xiong

Kaohlee Xiong

Kaokee Yang

Kassy Her

Kathryn McCanna

Kathryn Warkel

Keng Thao

Keng Yang

Kia Xiong

Kongmeng Xiong

Long Moua

Lou XIong

Lue Xiong

Luis Salamanca

Luke Her

Mai Xiong

Maichong Lao

Maika Lor

Maikou Her

Maimee Yang

Maistwqab Xiong

Maiv Xiong

Manee Moua

Matthew Her

Mayta Lor

Melanie Fuller

Michael Tucker

Michael Yang

Neng Vang

Nhia Yang

Noobhlis Xiong

Pa Yang

Pahoua Vang

Palee Vang

Pangnhia Thao

Panhia Vang

Ravee Lee

Rocky Lee

Sheng Xiong

Soua Thao

Sue Lor

Susan Lee

Tang Xiong

Thao Lor

Thao Lor

Thomas Plicka

Toua Thao

Toua Xiong

Vang Yang


“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving

others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself

to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”


-Mitch Albom